Sample application questions – UK ATC

This is a sample of the UK ATC application form and only contains ‘longer answer’ questions. Questions may be subject to change.

The online application form will also ask for personal details, including contact information, school details, placement availability and accessibility information. We will also require you to have parental permission for you to complete the form.

All applications must be submitted via the online form. Applications for 2023 will close on 15th March 2024.

The online application form should be completed by students, rather than parents or guardians, but please do ask someone to check over your form. This can be a parent/guardian or teacher at school, or trusted adult. Students will have the opportunity to save their progress and revisit their form but you might want to consider preparing answers to these longer questions in a word document ahead of applying. All applications must be completed and submitted by 15th March in order to be considered for the programme.

Sample questions

Sample question 1

I have a specific interest in…
Please specify your scientific interests. If you have an interest specifically in any projects mentioned online, please refer to that here.

Sample question 2

And I would particularly like to do…
Is there something in particular that you are hoping to gain some experience in?

Sample question 3

Please provide details of any software packages or programming languages you’re familiar with e.g. MS Office, C++, Adobe Photoshop 
We are asking this so that we know what sort of skills our students have and/or might want to develop. Please don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with programming languages.

Sample question 5

We’d like to know a little more about you. What are your interests (both in and out of school) and why do you want to join us for work experience at UKATC?
This is an opportunity to let us know about your current skills and experience as well as a little bit more about who you are.