Work Experience at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)

Each year at STFC, we are proud to run a highly successful work experience scheme for Year 10, 11. 12 and 13 students at schools based in the UK. For the summer 2024 programme, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) work experience team will be delivering on-site work experience provision for young people.

Please ensure you know how you will travel to the lab each day, before applying for a placement, or if you will need to stay nearby.

If you have any queries about work experience, please do not hesitate to email us, or watch our introductory video.

How to apply

Applications for placements in 2024 are now closed. We cannot accept any late applications. All applicants will hear from us by 12 April 2024, letting them know if they have been offered a placement. 

For 2024, students will apply for individual projects:

Applications closed on 25 February 2024. We cannot accept any late applications.

Details of available projects can be found here.

Sample application questions can be found here.
All applicants will hear from us by 12 April 2024, letting them know if they have been offered a placement. 

Please note: the RAL Work Experience Programme is for students in Y10 -Y13 in education at schools based in the UK

More information about the STFC Work Experience programmes can be found here.

‘How to apply’ video

Introduction to work experience at Rutherford Appleton Laboratoryvideo

Passcode: 2^@J&c!O

This short video will give students, their teachers and careers advisers, and their parents a short introduction to the programme, including the benefits, opportunities and how to apply. Placements can be offered between 17 – 21 June and 8 – 26 July 2024. 
This video is a chance for you to find out more about how to write a good application and the different placements available. 

0:00 Introduction to STFC and RAL
6:31 Introduction to RAL Work Experience Programme
9:03 Why do work experience?
13:01 Important dates for 2024
14:23 How to apply
16:35 Application form overview
25:40 FAQs

Placement details 

Placements will last one to two weeks and can be offered 17 – 21 June and 8 – 26 July 2024. Please note: We are unable to offer placements between 24 June – 5 July 2024 due to Harwell Open Week.

Students will work individually or in a small group with one or two supervisors on a project relevant to their interests and STFC, which will meet the relevant Gatsby benchmarks. 

For 2024, students will apply for individual projects which will be detailed here, once applications open.  

Example projects from previous years can be found here.

More information about STFC sites and departments can be found here.

For further details about our departments, please take a look at our Work Experience YouTube Channel: STFC Work Experience – YouTube.

How to get to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 

Science and Technology Facilities Council 
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 
Harwell Campus 
OX11 0QX 
Email: [email protected]

Google Maps view of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Full details on transport links to RAL

We cannot provide accommodation for successful students, but you can use the following links to find local accommodation.

Our closest hotel is Ridgeway House (on-site). You can view nearby accommodation here.

If you are offered a placement, we will provide more details on timings etc. Site hours are normally 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays, but there is some flexibility in this depending on your supervisor and transport.